Edificio Constitución 1812
Sala Argüelles
Paseo Carlos III, 3
11003 Cádiz, Spain


This beautiful building is a landmark in Cádiz. Historically a location for the barracks of the city garrison, it has become the Exhibition Centre of the University of Cádiz. Renamed as Edificio Constitución 1812 in 2012 to mark the bicentenary of the proclamation of the First Constitution of Spain, it is still well-known as La Bomba to locals, which was its former name and a reference to its military past. The building and its surroundings form one of the best known and cherished areas in the city of Cadiz.

Each of its five conference rooms is named after a key character in the proclamation of the First Constitution: Manuel José Quintana, Mejía Lequerica, Tomasa Palafox, Agustín Argüelles and Simón Bolívar. Its Kursala Exhibition Room often exhibits works by renowned and young photographers.